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"For those of Moe’s generation, and many of us from the generation just preceding his, the themes of aging and of time’s passing will have particular resonance." An Older Man is the featured book on lgbtSr.

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Reviews for An Older Man

“The simple honesty and openness of its sexuality felt like the first blast of spring after a long, cold winter...Hoffman knows how to keep the pages turning but also how to take us deep, deftly connecting the explicit to the profound. A quick, fun read that packed plenty of insight.”
Publishers Weekly (Staff Pick)

Smart...engrossing...both a breezy story about a horny vacationing bear and a contemporary examination of the difficulties gay men encounter when addressing issues of self-acceptance, body image, aging, loneliness, and their own sexual culture as it evolves in the digitized 21st century.”
Bay Area Reporter

An Older Man is a charming, genuine love letter to Provincetown...With great skill, Hoffman’s prose beautifully captures the spirit of this truly unique destination.”
Chelsea Station Magazine

“As much a touching examination of aging and loneliness as it is a witty tale of sexual shenanigans during Provincetown’s Bear Week, Wayne Hoffman’s new novella, An Older Man, is a real delight.”
– Jeff Mann, author of Cub and Salvation

An Older Man is about the aging of the first generation of gay men spending adulthood free of the closet and mostly free of the epidemic that took our older brothers. That makes it an important book. What makes it a really good book, is, it's funny, moving, and makes you want to turn its pages to learn what happens next. You'll root for its hero, Moe Pearlman, despite his failings, and you'll regret having to part ways with him and his friends when you reach the story's surprising end.”
– Eric Orner, author of The Completely Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green

An Older Man is a bear-hug of a book that is equal parts burly bouquet of bear culture, a love letter to Provincetown, and a sexy story about our hirsute hero Moe’s quest to find ‘the one.’”
– Gregg Shapiro, author of Lincoln Avenue

Reviews for Hard

"A breath of fresh air in gay male fiction...Hard is a compelling, sexy read and will become, over time, a book with cultural stature and status."
– Lambda Book Report

"Sexual politics — both public and private — play out against the cityscape of mid-1990s Manhattan in Hoffman's absorbing year-in-the-life of a group of gay men...The larger issues of sexual rights and AIDS add depth to their voices, making this sexually explicit debut novel an intriguing exploration of politics and psyche."
– Publishers Weekly

“A knockout. Reading Hard reminds us that the important, strong and vital gay novel is still with us. It vividly and movingly captures what it means to be an urban gay man living in the last decade of the 20th century, when everything looked so bleak and yet so bright at the same time.”
– Guide magazine

Hard makes political activism sexier than it's been in years...As hot as it is humorous, Hoffman's Hard is the hard-to-resist read of the summer."
– Chicago Free Press

“A novel that's equal parts salacious, political and topical, where NYC gays look for love and lust in a Manhattan where homosexuality is under attack. And despite its steamy opening, Hard is ultimately a valentine to being gay in the big city.”
– HX magazine (NYC)

"Hoffman's brisk, chatty prose makes for fun reading, and best of all, the lively, well-rendered characters and their interpersonal dialogue feels genuine...Perfect for summer reading, Hoffman's spirited debut is explicitly erotic, likable and satisfying."
– Bay Area Reporter (San Francisco)

"This is one debut novel that packs a no-holds-barred wallop."
– Gay and Lesbian Times (San Diego)

"This book is smart...along with heavy doses of sex, politics and men, it is packed with relevance."
– X Factor magazine (Phoenix)

"Extraordinary. Complex. Superb...While Hard is political, sexy, comic, and full of social-consciousness, it is also encased in a surprising romantic yearning."
– Velvet Mafia

Hard is smart, fast-paced, raunchy and funny, a sexy comic strip of a novel about the way gay men live now. It’s Faggots 25 years later, but nimbler, more accurate, more generous and much, much wiser.
– Christopher Bram, author of Lives of the Circus Animals and Gods and Monsters

"A quick-paced debut that neatly straddles the fence between politics and porn. By turns erotic and vulnerable, playful and deadly serious, Hard is refreshingly easy to like."
– Aaron Hamburger, author of Faith for Beginners and The View from Stalin's Head